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Since 1991, The Food Project has brought together youth from cities and suburbs to make a difference in the lives of people in eastern Massachusetts. Young people connect powerfully with the land by growing thousands of pounds of vegetables on suburban and urban farms, learn about themselves and each other, develop strong workplace skills, explore social justice and food access issues, serve others, work hard, and have fun!

Whom do we hire?

  • Youth, ages 14-17
  • Youth from the communities where we farm in Greater Boston and on the North Shore

Why do we hire them?

  • Part of our mission is to bring together the most diverse group of youth that we can
  • We hire a mix of high-achievers, youth struggling to get by, and youth walking the middle road. Our goal is to break down the walls that exist between these youth by having them work together
  • We are looking for youth who are excited about our mission, and have a willingness to work hard and learn

What do they do?

  • Work full-time for six and a half weeks, from July to mid-August
  • Learn to grow vegetables on suburban and urban farms, spending time in both settings
  • Serve each Wednesday in a hunger relief organization preparing or distributing the food they have grown

How is Seed Crew structured?

  • Youth work in crews of 13-15 youth with one college-aged leader
  • Crews stay together for the entire summer — and each crew is very diverse
  • Each youth signs a standards contract at the beginning of the summer, and receives weekly feedback from their leader; each youth receives feedback from their peers as well
  • Seed Crew is highly structured and supervised
  • Youth receive a $275 stipend every week, which is paid bi-weekly

What happens over the summer?

  • This is a youth development opportunity as well as a job
  • We hold workshops addressing food system and social justice issues, such as food access, personal identity, and group affiliation
  • Each week focuses on a theme ranging from community to initiative to courage
  • We are constantly engaged in team-building activities
  • At the beginning of the summer, each youth sets personal goals which are supported by each member of the crew

How can you help?

Each year we receive many more applications than we can accept. Only applicants with complete applications and reference letters are interviewed. For the sake of this young person, please be sure to get your reference to us as soon as possible. We also encourage you to check in with this young person throughout the summer, should they be accepted. Thanks for all your help!

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The Food Project works with a diverse group of youth. We are looking for youth who want to make a substantial commitment of time and energy. Within this group, we hire at-risk, middle of the road and high achieving young people. There is no right answe to these questions. Please be honest and transparent in your assessment of the youth's abilities, as it will help us build a well-rounded Seed Crew.

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